Saturday, July 23, 2016


surprise surprise Cilla isn't here....

Surprise surprise I got a visit from a mutual friend who couldn't tell me off for this blog because of people in the shop. Sorry. I do love you and your Mrs but I've finally got the lazy saggy bellied bitch to do something.
She sent me a lovely email. She is going to deliver the rest of my belonging to a place of my choice. I think her new man must be growing dope in the garage from the speed she replied when I suggested collecting my things from the garage.
It's ok I've told the police about him supplying your boys with cannabis. PC 900 BullyBoy Too Short to get any respect wasn't interested. He was too busy trying to get one over on me. Fuck you Partridge even your workmates think you're a twat.
After ignoring the solicitors letter and my blunt email she has now taken action after our last letter. She's agreed to divorce me. I've walked away from half the house and half her pension so I can move on with my life without that fucking nasty bitch having anything over me. Everything in my beautiful home is mine with no help from anybody else. I'm ahead with my rent and have most of the things normal people have to get by. Mattress. Sharp knives. Hoover. Artificial grass. Reduced price meat in my freezer. The correct prescription drugs, I get mine over the counter not down a back street. Lastly a clear conscience, have you? I doubt it.
I've been accepted for counselling from Suffolk Wellbeing, I was informed I've only got 6 sessions. What do you want from them? I've thought about it. What I'd like from 6 hours is to just have no feelings when I do see her. No hate. No disgust. Just no feelings would be good. I was at the bar on Friday when Jim from the woods came in. I looked into his eyes and had no feelings, that's what I want when I see that fucking evil bitch.
More next week folks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



I suffer with it. I now know I've suffered with it all my life. I thought for a while that I had bouts of it but it's always with me in the back of my mind waiting for the right mix of life, finances, stability and home life to rear its ugly head.
Splitting from the estranged has taught me that. She will of always known that but I've just come to terms with it. In a world of anti-depressants it takes a while to come to terms with things. That's why she was able to pull the wool over my eyes for so long.
Don't get me wrongI'm fuckin loving my life. Ace life no fuckin wife. I'm just bitter because of the damage the self centred bitch did to my family and is now doing to another family and will do to others because I know she is only trying to recapture what she had with me. Right down to the saving of the chat we had and then the chat that I have a copy of with him. He's not a patch on me. He has no imagination. He hasn't even got a spark in him. His spark went out with the first Lambretta he bought. I'll post a copy of the chat soon.
When I first went to Ipswich to live she told me about a few of her other men. One I'm very good friends with. The other she told me she had an affair with him, he was a scooterist and wouldn't leave his wife after lots of chat. This was around 15 years ago. Not putting 2 and 2 together but who's got a 15 year old daughter? What sort of cunt would do that to a man with a baby. Oh hang on I know.

Right I'm going to bed now and will continue with this tomorrow.

I contacted the estranged and asked what game she was playing weeks ago why wasn't she divorcing me. Maybe she will pull her lazy arsed finger out and stop crushing candy or searching for Pokemon or whatever game she is playing and get on with the job. It's only going to get messier and messier the longer she drags this out.

Well its been a few years...

and there's lots of questions need answering. Not just for me but Mark Prince MD of De Facto might have a few. I know Paul Smith's daughter has a lot.
I haven't got time for this now so I'll come back to it.

When will I be divorced is the most pressing question.
When will my family and I never have to have anything to do with that selfish self centred woman who is only ever interested in her own self satisfaction?
Why when I have removed all hurdles has that woman not taken what she wanted to start after just three weeks of her telling me to leave. Three weeks at that point I didn't even know for sure (everyone else did) that she was having an affair and breaking another family up. Divorce me. I want you out of my life.

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